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At Healing Delivered we believe that each of us is experiencing our own unique journey; perhaps you've heard "everything happens for a reason" or "you're exactly where you're suppose to be in every moment". When we engage in balancing our lives, we shift our awareness inward and begin to observe our intuition; our very own inner guru, guiding us with love and compassion throughout our life experience.

Healing Delivered is here to help restore balance to your mind, body, and spirit. You are connected, loving, and whole at any given time. When you discover your inner strength, you become empowered to accomplish your wildest dreams. As balance is restored, your connection to source and trust in your intuition will naturally strengthen, ushering in a sense of peace and calm that permeates your entire being. 

When in a balanced state, your body's innate healing abilities are activated, allowing it to function optimally to strengthen your immune system, fight infection, eliminate toxins and access numerous other benefits. It's time to bring about the changes necessary for a healthy and joyful life!

Blessings of love, abundance, and gratitude


At our core, we are pure, unadulterated love! When we allow ourselves to release the stories perpetuated by the ego, we begin the process of letting go and accepting ourselves for who we are at the present moment; after all, the present moment is all we really have. With acceptance comes the opportunity for forgiveness, which in itself is an extremely powerful, self-healing experience. Forgiveness allows for the release of repressed trauma, discharging emotions such as fear, guilt, and shame. Acceptance, forgiveness, and letting go is the path to liberation and part of the process of stepping into your true, authentic self.

Being in awareness of our true loving nature triggers a shift in frequency. Almost suddenly we begin to see all of the abundance that we have been blessed with. This realization allows for the manifestation of more abundance, offering us the freedom to live our lives in perfect harmony. Sustaining the mindset of love and abundance ushers in gratitude which promotes a serene sense of peace and joy. More joy creates more love, once again starting this beautiful cycle of love > abundance > gratitude. At Healing Delivered, our goal is to share the blessings of love, abundance, and gratitude with all!

Your practitioner


Vasil Popov

Thank you for visiting Healing Delivered. I'm grateful that you've taken time to discover what we're all about: helping people balance mind, body, and spirit! It has been my experience that this type of self-work can bring about profound changes, making way for more love, compassion, and trust in your intuition.

I take a holistic approach to ensure you are receiving exactly what you need during our time together. I'll be using a variety of proven techniques, such as sound frequencies/sound healing, scents and oils, crystals, chanting/prayer, and the channeling of source energy. I look forward to working with you in manifesting that which serves your greatest good and life's purpose.

Usui Reiki Ryoho Master and Teacher

Certified by Huntington Beach Reiki

Yin Yoga Practitioner and Teacher

Certified by Yogini Melissa Christensen, E-RYT500, YACEP

Licensed and Insured